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Lifting the Curious Spell of War - A Singing Seminar recalling Women's Peace Making in 1914-19

Thurday 28 November 2019, 5.30 for 6pm

BAE Systems Theatre, Austalian War Memorial

At the Australian War Memorial over 102,000 members of the Australian armed forces who have died on operations are commemorated. The military history of those who served is told throughout the exhibitions and displays.

This singing seminar brings another narrative — one that might help lift the ‘curious spell’ that war holds over humanity, according to the American social reformer and Nobel Peace Laureate Jane Addams (1860–1935). It tells of a worldwide network of women who in April 1915 held the only international peace congress of the First World War. As well as proposing a creative, reconciliatory basis for permanent peace, those women generated a visionary agenda for human rights reform. They held a second congress in Zurich in 1919 when they adopted the name Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and also helped save the lives of millions of children facing starvation when the Allies continued blockading food supplies after the Armistice.

Weaving historical information with music from A Chorus of Women’s recent presentations of The People’s Passion by Glenda Cloughley, this is a big story about women, peacemaking and internationalism. It turns our attention away from the repeating trauma of war towards the wellspring of human kindness and compassion the world needs in 2019.

A Chorus of Women will be joined by Chris Latham (violin) and Lucus Allerton (keyboard). 

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