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Anzac Eve Peace Vigil 2024

Come and join us for our beautiful lantern lit Peace Vigil, at sunset. 

This year will be the 14th Anzac Eve Peace  Vigil and possibly the last in this venue and  format. As in the last two years, since the War Memorial began its building works, we have not walked down the mountain but held our ceremony on the upper and lower levels on top of the mountain. 

Chorus singers will again be joined by Canberra Wayfarers.

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Sharing Grief - Breaking Bread

As we are witnessing unimaginable horrors of conflict zones around the world, we recommit to the purpose of our vigil: 

We remember all victims of armed conflict

We welcome all in the breadth of our diversity and connect with each other in our shared humanity

We will mindfully share our individual and collective longings for enduring peace

In a new ceremony, we will share our grief  and break bread together as a symbol of our common humanity, noting the practice of sharing food ogether is common to many cultures and faith traditions.

We will sing up peace. 




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