Mission Climate! - Responses

‘I loved being part of this collective and very harmonious voice, raising money for the authoritative voice of the Climate Council to continue its work.’
Lish Fejer, ABC 666 Radio and Green It Yourself, who co-compered MISSION CLIMATE! with Janet Salisbury from A Chorus of Women

I was much struck by the excitement in the auditorium as we settled … and, immediately upon Glenda’s first words of The Watchman, the intense engagement of the whole audience which remained throughout the night. There was a “pulling" to and fro from the stage and back again - a powerful experience!!  A strong sense of: we are all in this together.
Tony Pratt, audience member

Congrats to Janet Salisbury and A Chorus of Women.  There was a really great energy in the room and it was fantastic to hear directly from Will Steffen and others. Entertaining and emotive music too.
Kirsten Duncan, who wrote the new song ‘The Weather Makers' for MISSION CLIMATE!

Thank you for a very inspiring and informative evening, which wove the beauty of the songs and music with the serious message from the scientists into a 'Call to Action!' Thank you so much for all the love and work which went into making it such a memorable experience. It spoke deeply to me in a way I could hear. More need to hear the message through this medium.
Julie Armstrong, audience member

The highlight of the evening for me was when A Chorus of Women was joined on stage by The Cyrenes, another all female chorus. The combined voices soared in the spacious auditorium leaving no one in doubt that this was a call for action from the heart.
Jeffrey Frith, sculptor, audience member

Well done, wonderful women! A fantastic effort and thanks so much for asking me to play with you again!
Jodie Petrov, flautist for many a Chorus of Women gig

Mission Climate was a sophisticated meeting of the minds of scientists and the arts community.  It was beautifully thought out and developed into a powerful performance that finished as a positive call for change, letting us feel that all things are possible.  The beautiful and natural singing from choruses and soloists expressed the real human reaction to climate change and the interesting personal reflections of climate scientists brought the reality of “now” closer.  These facts expressed in music and spoken word buoyed us on to knowing immediate action is necessary against climate change.
Alison Craswell, musician and audience member

I enjoyed the evening. An important message about a very important subject well conveyed in a variety of formats. Thank you.
Jim Windeyer, audience member

As always, I was struck by the love, dedication and raw emotion that A Chorus of Women brings to performances. On matters like climate change and its future impacts, different people respond in different ways, and I like that Chorus opens up a place for heartfelt expressions from a rich array of perspectives. It reminds me, again, that so many of us care so much. Our intentions are good, but we are left with the uneasy reality that the Earth does not see our intentions, only our actions. I'm grateful to Chorus for singing out what it is like to watch events unfold before us, and the feelings of powerlessness as we see ourselves drawn into ways of life that are incompatible with our long term hopes for future generations. I love that Chorus finds ways to bring us together to share our honest reflections, whether they are feelings of great despair or optimistic dreams of hopeful opportunities.
Nicky Grigg, Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO, Chorus singer

It was a fine performance, moving and thought-provoking, and so good to hear some of the songs from The Gifts of the Furies again.
Deborah Kingsland, Co-Director Canberra's Documentary Film Festival

Dear Chorus, Congratulations for organising yet another very special evening.  Beautiful, meaningful music and acute observations about climate change from the scientists, which were a bit easier to bear in the midst of a community of like-minded people gathered together for this event.  Wishing you lots of ongoing strength in your inspirational work in Canberra.
Ester Gaia, audience member

Accompanied by videos and other graphic information, the seriousness of the performers' intention and the grace of their music was a memorable experience for a wrapt audience.
Susan Nicholls, singer and audience member

I'm so glad that so much money was raised - well done! It was a fun concert and I look forward to the next one!
Clara Teniswood, cellist and physicist

Dear Johanna, many thanks for pulling together this complex production so wonderfully! As someone involved in NGOs working on climate change mitigation actions, I am conscious as to how much cerebral and pragmatic work is going on collectively around the globe. But music brings a different dimension to it like nothing else can. It touches our inner soul somehow, and connects our 'head and the heart' together, which is essential if we are to make a breakthrough against all the odds we are facing in progressing climate action. It is so vital to keep alive such critical organisations as the Climate Council.
Kaveri Chakrabarty, Chorus singer

I loved that there was a combination of both music and speakers, and it added up to a really worthwhile, enjoyable and memorable event … great that all proceeds went towards the Climate Council!
Arko Chakrabarty, musician