More than two hundred years human waves have hit these shores
First pris'ners, their guards, then settlers, many lost souls.
Away from home, so far from home

And grieving and sighing, and working and dying to find

A home away from home

Two world wars, persecution, mysery
More human floods helped build this country
From many lands, so far from home

They worked and they played, they laughed and they cried
They lived and they learned, they hoped and they longed to find

A home away from home

There came more on rickety boats from war-torn lands
All parties agreed, they needed a helping hand
Away from home, so far from home

We taught them our language, we welcomed them
We listened to their stories and cried with them
And they worked hard and learned to understand

This home away from home

Today so many more are forced to flee
Now we lock them up and throw away the key
No hope, alone, so far from home

Let's open the gates of the detention camps
Let's meet with you face to face
Let's work together to make a plan
Let's share the burden and help you all to find

A home away from home


Words and music by Johanna McBride (written for the refugee rally 'Breaking the Silence', 13 April 2014