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A Chorus of Women began with 150 of us entering Parliament House and singing the Lament for the people of Iraq that led the 7.30 Report on 18 March 2003, when Australia went to war.

Twenty years on, the Lament has become a call for action on climate change as well as peace and social justice. We continue singing up public wisdom in our original songs, major productions and civic conversations.

On 21 March 2023 we returned to Parliament House,. This time we were welcomed when we sang our Lament again, with a call to the People's Chorus to turn Lament to Renewal.

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In 2023 ...

We've been singing out in the streets of our city for 20 years!

So we're having fun, tracking through our history of creating more than 100 original songs for hundreds of public events in more community collaborations than we can count. And we're planning a year of gathering everyone who's ever joined our storytelling and music-making to make a great chorus. Then we'll bring you our most moving memories and dreams. 

In March, we returned to Parliament House where we began to a warm welcome by politicians and Parliamentary staff (see NEWS column). 

On 21 September we will sing again at the Canberra Peace Bell where we received the Chief Minister's Rotary Peace Prize last year.

On Sunday 3rd December we'll stage a big concert to re-tell our most loved stories and sing our most loved songs. 

More to come. 

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Turning Lament to Renewal - 
A Chorus of Women 20 Years On

12.30 - 1pm, Tuesday 21 March 2023

'We give our voice to the Song of Life
We give our promise to children and Earth
We sing for peace through the power of love
So lament will turn to renewal'

A Chorus of Women have been singing ever since a 'flash mob' of 150 Canberra women gathered unnoticed and unapproved in the foyer of Parliament House on 18 March 2003. As Australia joined the invasion of Iraq the women became a national and international media event by singing their Lament. 

20 years on we returned, with  a People's Chorus of about 100, this time with support and lively interest from our politicians and permission from the Presiding Officers. We sang our Lament again, with new words by Glenda Cloughley and new music by Judy Clingan, calling on all people, including men for a commitment to our children's future. And everyone, including the men responded beautifully (see the words above).

Read more on our News page. Read the article in RiotACT 'How A Chorus of Women sang on the right side of history'.

Vale Will Steffen

A Chorus of Women is deeply saddened by the news of the death of Emeritus Professor Will Steffen. 

Will was a wonderful communicator and climate scientist who made a big difference with his life. He leaves a profoundly regenerative heritage in the people he touched with his commitment and gifts for communicating as well as advancing the science. 

He was a long-time, steady supporter of Chorus. Read more on our News page.


Our 2022 Peace Prize

A Chorus of Women was awarded the ACT Chief Minister's Rotary Peace Prize on International Day of Peace, 21 September 2022. The Peace Prize is given each year to an individual or groupwho have contributed to a more peaceful community - locally, nationally and internationally.

Senior diplomats of 40 countries and representatives of the ACT Chief Minister and the Prime Minister joined Canberrans to witness the award during a ceremony at the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell in Nara Peace Park, Lennox Gardens. Read more on our News page.

Iraqi Ambassador Dr Bassim Altomma rings Peace Bell with the Chorus
photo by Genevieve Jacobs


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We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded people and organisations. We have organised conversations, singing seminars, and have prepared artistic contributions to public events, as well as our own major choral works.

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