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Science not Silence


On 22 April, at 11 am we will meet at the end of Federation Mall, nearest Parliament House. This is a global event that brings together all people who believe that the public discovery, distribution, and understanding of scientific knowledge is crucial to the freedom, success, health, and safety of life on this planet. In particular, we march to support the importance of evidence based public decision making for issues such as climate change. There will be a number of inspiring speakers, including Will Steffen from the Climate Council (full list is on the website).

For more information visit the March for Science website and the facebook page.

Calling the Singers!

A Chorus of Women have prepared a few chants for all to join, to support this show of solidarity, joining nearly 400 other cities around the world. We need lots of singers who share this mission to join us.

Download the lyrics, sheet music and a recording by clicking on the links below. The sheet music is for those who want to sing harmony. If you want to sing the melody, you just need the lyrics. We will have a short rehearsal before the march, at 10.30 am.

lyrics music recording

If you can make it, please sign up on Facebook at 'Singing for science'.

Anzac Eve Peace Vigil

Anzac 2016

It's on again. On the eve of Anzac Day, 24 April we will be remembering all victims of war and sing our laments and longing for peace. This event has become a well-known and honoured Canberra tradition. As in previous years we will meet on top of Mount Ainsie at 5.30 to light our peace lanterns. This will be followed by ceremony and community singing. Find further details on Facebook. We hope to see you there and sing with you.

Peace Works! book launch

On 6 May 2017, at the Menzies Room in the National Archives Peace Works! will launch a hard copy and an e-book edition of collected writings on the theme of "Yearning for Peace". There will be presentations from the publication from 10 - 4pm. A Chorus of Women will sing at 1.30pm, immediately before the official launch by Joan Beaumont, at 2pm. All invited. Click here to download the invitation and visit the Peace Works! website for more information about this project.

The Regeneration ProjectRegeneration

Recently, we have been talking about ‘Regeneration’ as the theme for the activities of A Chorus of Women over the next few years. Our end-of-year concert in November 2016 ('Singing Regeneration') combined music and spoken reflections on the laws of regeneration, regenerating humanity, and regenerating the Earth.

In the current political climate, working towards political and cultural regeneration is more important than ever and we have been thinking about ways that Chorus can give voice more publicly to the underlying theme of regeneration that has been in the background of much of our previous work.

Click here for further information. about The Regeneration Project.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Further information
Watch this space for further news and information.

We raised $6600+ for the Climate Council

A Chorus of Women and friends raised more than $6600 for Australia’s Climate Council in a lively Canberra CCflyerSpring evening of music and personal reflections about climate change.

MISSION CLIMATE! met our goal of bringing music and science into harmony, with ‘inspiring’, ‘informative’, ‘wonderful’ the most-used words in responses from presenters and audience.  All the money raised has gone directly to help sustain the Climate Council’s provision of authoritative climate information.

Founded in 2013, when 20,000 citizens donated $1 million through crowd-funding within a week of the Federal Government abolishing the Climate Commission, the Climate Council still relies on public donations to produce reports, webinars and public forums.  See

Community pride in supporting the Council seemed to unite everyone who filled the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (ACC&C), where A Chorus of Women is in residence.  Led by MCs Janet Salisbury from Chorus and ABC Radio’s Lish Fejer, we began by honouring Earth. We then set out through the anxiety of watching and waiting, listening to calls to action and inspiration from singers, scientists and people directly affected by climate change. We arrived together at possibilities for wisdom and regeneration that seem ripe for activation, given the way audience voices leapt to join the singing in The Reconciliation music from A Chorus of Women’s mythic climate change drama, The Gifts of the Furies, which finishes with a 21st century setting of the 2500-year-old Hymn to Gaia.

Climate Councillor Professor Will Steffen gave the first of several brief, moving reflections on the personal experience of living with knowledge about climate change.

The MISSION CLIMATE! program included music from Canberra choir The Cyrenes, Nitya Bernard Parker and friends, Kirsten Duncan, Maartje Sevenster, and a fine instrumental ensemble as well as selections from A Chorus of Women’s large repertoire of songs – all directed by Johanna McBride.

Violinist and conductor Rowan Harvey-Martin introduced her vision for The Blue Planet Orchestra in a moving tribute to her daughter and other young people who carry worries about climate change because their parents’ generation is not yet acting responsibly for the long-term future. A related message came from Abuera Uruaaba, a senior lawyer in the Pacific Republic of Kiribati, where climate-linked rises in sea level threaten the island home of future generations.

Singer and environmental consultant Dr Maartje Sevenster said she felt ‘uplifted by the shared understanding and experience’ of the evening.  CSIRO senior research scientist Dr Nicky Grigg spoke of the delight of many a Chorus event since she brought her voice and clarinet to our climate change drama in the 2007 program of National Science Week.

The evening included a short video on the plight of the Great Barrier Reef, featuring Climate Councillor Professor Tim Flannery and Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie.  Graeme Kelleher AO, the first Chairman and CEO of the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority, described MISSION CLIMATE! as ‘an inspiring event’. ‘I hope its message will spread quickly through our community,’ he said in relation to the need for action that requires governments to replace short-term priorities with wise, forceful action to stop climate change.

Professor Stephen Pickard, Executive Director of the ACC&C, gave a personal reflection as a member of the inter-faith group Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Thanking the Chorus for the inspiring and moving evening, he said:  ‘When music and the arts join with science and the sacred the whole is always more than the sum of the parts.’  Quoting the ancient writer of Ecclesiastes who observed that a threefold cord cannot easily be broken, he said Mission Climate was just such a threefold cord ‘and a great encouragement’.

Writing to Chorus after the event, Professor Steffen thanked us for the ‘wonderful event’ and reported this lasting impression:  ‘I was struck by how we humans have a very long tradition of using singing as a way of expressing our feelings about the rest of the living world, and about the Earth itself,’ he said.  ‘And although earlier societies and indigenous cultures around the world could not have had the modern scientific understanding of the Earth System, their songs had not only the word "Earth" in them, but also showed a really deep understanding of the Earth as a single, complex system and that we humans are embedded in it. Our scientific understanding has come really late! And the songs composed by the Chorus do a wonderful job of flow effortlessly from these earlier pieces of music, and remind us of the very long relationship we've had with the rest of the Earth System around us.’

Click here to read a selection of the many comments we received after the event.

Click here to see the report of our even on the Climate Council website.

Click here to see photos taken at the final rehearsal and on the night of the fundraiser.

Click here to download a program.

Listen to an interview with Janet Salisbury and Johanna McBride from A Chorus of Women and Barbie Robinson from   ArtSound FM.  


Chorus at ACCC

Our singers and musician friends at our new home base, at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.



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